Here's how it works:

1. Get your friend to try our awesome service by asking them to download the Fetch Valet App on iOS

or messaging us on FB (FetchValet). Just make sure that:

  • Your friend is a first-time Fetch user;
  • You give him/her the promo code FETCHCOFFEE; and
  • He/she mentions your name when he/she avails of the free Fetch park.

2. Your friend can immediately claim his/her free Fetch park:

  • If he/she is using the Fetch Valet App:
    • Select "Corporate Account" or "Cash/Coupon" as payment method.
    • After requesting for a valet, select the messaging icon. 
    • Send FETCHCOFFEE and your name.
  • If he/she is using FB Messenger:
    • After requesting for a valet, mention the promo code FETCHCOFFEE and your name on FB Messenger.

3. You will be informed that your friend used his/her free park and we will send you details on how to claim your free GC.

4. Promo runs until April 30, 2017.

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