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FETCH Valet for BPI Employees

What you need to know

To make your Fetch experience more convenient, we are rolling out a new system starting May 15, 2018.

How it works

1. To avail of our service, you simply drive in to the BPI Head Office Parking Lot.

2. A Fetch valet driver will meet you to park your car or safe-keep your key for you and give you a Fetch Valet claim stub.

3. When you're ready to leave, simply present your claim stub to our valet supervisor and pay for the parking fee.

4. Our valet will return your car or your key to you.


Did your parking rates change?

No. BPI Employees still get to enjoy our discounted rate of P25 + P15 per hour or a fraction thereof.

Our valet supervisor will compute for your parking fee when you present your claim stub.

What happens if I lose my Claim Stub?

As we are authorized to release the vehicle and the key to the bearer of the stub, please report the loss to our valet supervisor immediately.

Customers who lose their valet claim stub will be charged a lost ticket fee of P200 plus the parking fee, and will be required to prove ownership of the vehicle by presenting OR/CR and a government-issued ID.

Where will you park my car?

Most of the time and subject to availability, we will park your car at the BPI Parking Lot. But to improve operational efficiency, we have the discretion to park your car in secure and suitable parking locations, including nearby parking facilities outside BPI (eg. Greenbelt Parking and Dela Rosa Carpark).

Do I still get photo notifications on where my car is parked?

Not anymore. But don't worry! We only park in nearby, secure and suitable parking locations like Greenbelt Parking and Dela Rosa Carpark.

How long does it take to retrieve my car?

If your car is parked in BPI Parking Lot, we can return your key as soon as you pay for the parking fee.

If your car is parked outside BPI, please give us 15 to 20 minutes to return your car.

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